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Hip Hop, Da`wah and Reality

By Taqiudeen bin Patrick

Co-Founders of An Nasr Productions on Their Decision to Migrate from Muslim Hip Hop to Focus on Their Studies

In the name of Allah, Ar Rahmaan-ir Raheem, Prayers and peace be upon the last of the Prophets and Messengers Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah.

When ANP was originally founded, our main objective was to spread the Deen of Islam to non-Muslims using Hip-Hop. Later, we expanded or changed our objective to invite Muslims to return to the Islamic way of Life.

Over the past six months, as I have been building this site, and listening to our collection of music, I have debated with myself as to if we have fulfilled our objectives. After much thought and consideration, I unfortunately have come to the conclusion that we have not. In fact, I think we have failed miserably.

The majority of our songs present a slew of ideas, which are not presented in the proper depth, nor in a coherent manner.

Also in the light of recent times when our enemies are within, and openly assault Islam, some of the things we have said in our songs can be taken out of context, and do more harm then good.

The biggest thing I didn’t take into consideration when I co-founded ANP was the possibility of actually promoting Hip-Hop. I am afraid by creating this music we may actually have lead more Muslims to listen to Hip-Hop rather then non-Muslims to listen to the Quran.

I am also posting below the statement from ANP’s other co-founder who left almost 3 years ago.

I hope after reading both of our statements, Muslims will realize that Islamic Hip-Hop is only for the entertainment sessions, and there are better ways of presenting Islamic ideas and doing Dawah.

May Allah bless me for my intentions, and forgive me for the outcome of my actions…Ameen.

I also ask for the forgiveness from anyone who may have been mislead

Originally published by Nasr Productions

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  • I would like to point out that the hadith “Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every male and female muslim.” Is not an agreed upon hadith. It was related by al-Hakim in his Mustadrak. Most scholars consider “And females” an addition or weak. However, they maintain that its meaning is correct.

    And Allah knows best

  • as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatuhu!
    Alhamdolillah akhee, I appreciate the post above that was dated 2007, however I feel that it may raise more questions than answers, especially with the first few words in the Title. Yes, we have chosen to study as is required by Allah t'ala & all are doing well by the Mercy of Allah.
    If brothers or sisters want clarification of who ANP is & or was, it is best to get info from AnNasrProductions themselves. I have been a part of ANP ever since the first CD was released in 1997. The two brothers noted above began ANP before I took my shahadah & released a few maxi casettes.
    Due to multiple requests and interest, we will be launching our Official Website in sha Allah t'ala by this Ramadhan & Muslims can visit us if they wish at http://www.AnNasrProductions.com.
    Note: We will NOT be producing anymore music nor showcasing Hip Hop, alhamdolillah we have evolved and matured & still have a responsibility to mankind!

    JazakAllahu Khayr,
    Nadheer IbnNaseeb

  • Asalamualaikum,
    I used to listen to anp back when I was in highschool – I bought thief CDs and downloaded all thier music
    Although much of thier lyrics where contrary to my understanding of islam (ie too extreme) I loved thier music and still play it on my iPod today.

    Despite what I believe to be extreme interpretations of this seen, there were so many powerful lines that resonated with me then and still do, like:
    “in the name of allah the most high I speak my mind”
    “man makes a systm, that's how he pimps them…”
    “shaheeds don't die, they multiply”
    ” u and I, muslimeen , got the deen, now it's time to change the scene”
    And so many more 🙂

    Whether anp decided to produce more music or not, I love them for the sake of Allah and want them to know that their music helped me get thru some ruff times In highscool.

    • What is the name of that song? I’m an American that found this song in highschool years ago and I’m looking for a link to it. I study music across cultures.

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