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Donations for Haiti: Your Chance to Help


by Sami Said

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that recently hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti has left thousands dead and completely devastated the country. However, what adds to the sadness is the lack of response from Muslim organizations in North America. Muslim organizations have gone on long enough as special interest groups only caring for their brothers back home and neglecting the other five billion people on the planet. When similar events happened in Indonesia and Southeast Asia many Muslim communities and mosques went through great lengths to come together for fundraisers, make requests for prayers, and run other campaigns to help bring relief.

Consider the prophetic mindset shown to us in Surah Kahf when the Prophet ﷺ was told “It is almost as if you are going to kill yourself in grief over their footsteps (for their turning away from you) because they believe not in this narration” (Qur’an, 18:6). Look at the great concern the Prophet ﷺ had over a people even though they disbelieved in Allah’s message. How much greater would his concern have been for people who have been afflicted by a great calamity such as this earthquake? How can we speak of the sunnah and claim the Qur’an is our foundation without understanding its universal message to be a mercy for all of mankind and the best examples in kindness and compassion to all of humanity?

I urge you to help the people of Haiti in these dire times and to not look at their creed but to look at their condition. I ask that you care for them as the Prophet ﷺ would have.

Donation links to some organizations collecting directly for Haiti:

  • Islamic Relief: UK & USA
  • Red Cross (text HAITI to 90999 and a donation of $10 will be made, charged to your mobile phone bill)
  • Yele (text “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to Yele Haiti, an organization started by Wyclef Jean to provide humanitarian aid to Haiti)
  • Other Organizations

O Allah, make the Muslims a source of mercy and help for everyone across the globe. Ameen.

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  • I definitely agree that donations should be sent to Haiti. At the same time, as someone whose inbox has been bombarded with emails from Muslim orgs raising funds for Haiti, spreading awareness, and expressing their condolences – as well as seeing away messages and FB messages – I DO see Muslims mobilizing in their efforts to respond to this cause. So I am not sure asking “where are the Muslim donations for Haiti” is appropriate. Allahu `alam.

  • Thanks for posting this! May Allah SWT reward you in all your efforts. My heart goes out to all of those suffering. As mother it pains me to know that they’re are little babies suffering, without food or shelter. You’re right this is our chance!

  • I agree with sister Marya, I know of many Islamic organizations that are donating their time, money, and efforts to this cause. It’s not a matter of their involvement, it’s just that their efforts aren’t as publicized as much as the other organizations such as Red Cross. I’ve noticed that the American media mentions Christian and Jewish organizations, but fails to shed light on the contributions that Islamic organizations, such as Islamic Relief, are making. I agree completely that we should do all we can to help out people around the world, regardless of race or religion, and that we should look at them as fellow human beings and creations of Allah. However, I believe that instead of pointing fingers, we should encourage each other to help out and do what is right.

    And in all, Allah knows best.


  • Perhaps you could provide a list of the contributions made to Haitian relief by wealthy Muslim countries. I’ll bet it is a short list.

  • Muslim Aid’s immediate response to Haiti earthquake
    13 January 2010

    Muslim Aid, a UK based international relief and development agency, has launched an emergency appeal to support the victim’s of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, where up to a million people have been displaced and thousands are feared dead. It has already made an emergency allocation of £75,000 to provide much needed clean water, emergency shelters, medicines and food aid to the earthquake victims.

    Haiti’s worst earthquake for two centuries has wrecked much of the capital and left it in darkness. The earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale struck about 10 miles south-west of the capital Port-Au-Prince. Population data suggests that the 1 million people who live in the area are severely affected with millions more potentially affected.

    Muslim Aid is now assessing the situation on the ground with its partners who are already operational in Haiti and is urgently sourcing further information. Hamid Azad acting CEO of Muslim Aid expressed his concern remarking that “The earthquake is really devastating and especially unbearable for a country that has suffered so much deprivation. It is clear that the Haitian people will need a prompt emergency response from the international community to address their basic needs. We would like to send our deepest sympathy to the people of Haiti and urge our donors to come forward with generous donations to support the victims.”

  • @yogi bear

    That’s a little judgmental. It isn’t reported in “western” news, but both the UAE and Qarar have pledge aid through the Red Crescent. You should do more research.


  • What makes the lack of donation even sadder is that not a single Islamic government (to the best of my knowledge) has offered any financial support or other help.

      • I appreciate your response, but I am afraid that nearly all Arabian aid comes from Non-Government Organizations. Even the generous donation of $1 million of Kuwait’s ruler Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah was a non-governmental donation done through the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society. Perhaps the only true government donation comes from Qatari sending “50 tones of aid” (a very vague description) and a rescue team of 26 members comprising of soldiers, police and medics. What really is missing here is the help of the super rich Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. For instance Saudi Arabia donated about $500 million to the Sumatra earthquake and Tsunami disaster in Indonesia in 2004, a disaster not much different in its magnitude from that in Haiti.

    • I am a Christian and here are the stats about the Islamic response to Haiti:

      Islamic Relief launched an appeal for £1 million to respond to the disaster.

      Ummah Welfare Trust have also launched similar fund raisers.

      Turkey have dispatched 50 tons of aid thus far, with five cargo planes carrying search-rescue teams, medical personnel and aid materials.

      The UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA) team is on the ground to coordinate and oversee field relief operations to ensure their prompt delivery of arriving aid to the affected population.

      Qatar have sent several C-17’s to Port-au-Prince, loaded with 50 tonnes of urgent relief materials to those affected in the quake-hit country.

      Iran’s Red Crescent society says it has dispatched about 30 tonnes of humanitarian aid including food, tents and medicine to quake-ridden Haiti.

      Jordan have sent medics and relief assistance to Haiti.

      Kuwait donated one million US dollars to help relief aid efforts in Haiti.

      Morocco sent relief aid worth $1 million to Haiti, in addition to a $32,000-donation granted by the Moroccan Red Crescent.

      Lebanon expressed solidarity with quake-stricken Haiti and would contribute to international aid that is already flooding the Caribbean nation.

      Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has despatched a contingent of humanitarian workers to Haiti.

      Muslim Aid, a UK based international relief and development agency, has launched an emergency appeal and donated an intial £75 000 and has staff on the ground in Haiti.

  • How much has the rich dynasty that rules over Saudi Arabia donated to the disaster fund in Haiti? Nothing. Absolutely nothing according to the Saudi Embassy in Washington. What an absolute disgrace. No wonder Saudi Arabia is regarded with contempt across the entire world.

    • Oh yes, Saudi Arabia finally did. The kindom has sent its condolence several days after the earthquake.

  • Asalamu alaykum to all,

    Questions regarding foreign governments should be directed to their local consulates or the government’s website. Muslims who are citizens of the West are not responsible for what Muslim countries do, nor should they be measured by that standard. As for my own country, the USA, and many religious and secular organizations, I can say that I’m very proud of how all have responded.


  • “Saudi Arabia is regarded with contempt across the entire world.”.. is it now?
    well, the entire world might’ve forgotten about the saudi donations to china during the earthquakes which exceeded 85 million dollars apart from the physical aids when the united states gave a 0.5 million dollars donation only!, maybe they forgot about saudi donations to vietnam, indonesia, lebanon, palestine, a whole lot of african countries, and the saudi contributions to the development & peace in the middle east.
    i’ve heared that saudi arabia didn’t donate to haiti, and it’s shocking actually! but there must’ve been an individual donations that went out without being declared in the name of the government of course.
    there’s alot of saudi poor families and individuals with no occupations nor any source of income, there’s the jedda floods crisis too, these things should be taken care of before concerning about caribbean countries that despises saudi arabia!

  • whoever was mocking s.a. .. IN YOUR FACE!
    but this doesn’t change the fact that you still despise saudi arabia, does it?

    saudi arabia is not regarded with contempt across the world, but it is among people like you! u know for whom i’m referreing, though you people are the most availing from saudi generosity, even more than saudis.. but it’s never enough to you obviously.

    *you just need to estimate the losses before sending such a large sum.
    i also believe s.a. didn’t donate earlier because the donations were organized by a bunch of unofficial western firms.. that’s why i think saudi arabia preferred to send the donations through the UN.

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