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AYEO: A force to be Reckoned With

by Nasrin Noori (AYEO Adviser)

Muslims Making a Difference Series

In a world of selfishness and greed, AYEO (which stands for Afghan Youth Education Organization) has introduced a new generation of selflessness and generosity. Comprised of young adults on the west coast of the United States, AYEO began a movement of magnanimity. It has initiated a new way of life which revolves around helping those who cannot help themselves.

Afghan Youth Education Organization was established in 2007 by a group of young adults. An organization once only known to the members has surpassed all expectations and received international recognition.  Every year AYEO offers many different fundraisers which prove extremely beneficial for poor and homeless men, women, and children of the war-torn country of Afghanistan. The prime objective of AYEO is to instill education in the minds and hearts of the youth of Afghanistan. It believes that the majority of the focus should be set on the youth because they are the future.

Afghanistan is a country that has been ravaged by war for decades and has been altered from its original state of beauty. We pray that as long as Allah (swt) wills, we, as a team, will be able to assist the poor with food, clothes, and of course, the ability to further their education by providing means to a proper education.  Despite no governmental assistance and no aid for the outcry of the poor and homeless, AYEO will do as much as possible through the good graces and constant help from our supporters.

AYEO supplies thousands of children with school supplies in Afghanistan as well as feeds thousands of people. With the help of amazing supporters and generous donors, AYEO is even able to give orphans presents and new clothes in celebration of Eid (Islamic Holiday).  Its latest fundraiser began in the beginning weeks of Ramadan this year (August 2011). AYEO was fortunate enough to have one of its members, Mahmood Ahmadi, in Afghanistan all throughout Ramadan to express to fellow AYEO members that there are families without food or water, children walking around barefoot because they have no shoes, and elders living on the street, praying for any bit of help.

As word spread that help is critical, a team was organized to do an emergency fundraiser. The  goal of the fundraiser was to attain monetary donations to be sent directly to the director in Afghanistan who could immediately distribute the funds. We began with a goal of $100 the first day, not knowing what the response would be from our supporters. To our surprise, we received an extreme amount of support.  By the second day we had over $1,000; we exceeded our goal. One hundred dollars a day was too small of a goal with the ideas we had in store for the homeless, so we increased our goal to $1000 a day. As the days rolled by, we saw an abundant amount of donations from all over the world.  AYEO has raised over $22,000 in a matter of 2 weeks. It was able to feed thousands of men, women, and children on the streets of Kabul for Iftar (when fasting breaks for the day) and supplied many children with presents, school supplies, and new clothes in celebration of Eid. As Eid quickly approached, AYEO hosted an Eid feast for all the poor and homeless in the area so they could enjoy at least one unforgettable Eid.

The outcome of the Emergency fundraiser surpassed any expectations, and it isn’t stopping there. AYEO is a force to be reckoned with. We have pledged to continue this momentum year round. We hope to make it a tradition to always feed the homeless during Iftar in Ramadan, supply children with school materials, provide warm clothes during the winter, and give general assistance throughout the year so the people of Afghanistan will always remember that they are not forgotten.

AYEO is here to stay and without the support of our amazing supporters,  we couldn’t have done half the things we have accomplished already. AYEO thanks everyone who has helped in every way. We have saved lives and have given new hope to those who most view as hopeless. In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Thank you & God bless.

For all those who want to help please contact AYEO at

To donate please go to our website and click on the paypal link in the fundraiser tab.

To track AYEO’s progress throughout the year, follow us on twitter:!/ayeo_org

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  • Jazakallah khair for introducing this amazing charitable organization to us. Its weird that I watch all of the afghan channels but I’ve never seen anything about this wonderful organization.

  • AYEO would LOVE to hear from all the readers! Please comment your thoughts, suggestions, support and anything else. I highly encourage all to share your thoughts and don’t forget to follow us on twitter and website to donate just $1 to feed the poor! Links above 🙂

    Drop a line! And share the link. Tweet or Like Its that easy to contribute to the needy! Thanks!

  • Mashallah! That is what we all need to do. We are a small group of Afghan students in Muncie, Indiana, running a club, Afghan Students Union (ASU) at Ball State University. we are not in the position to help financially. However, we would be glad to be source of any sort of help.

  • Khalid thank you for your response. I would like to talk with you further, can you please contact me via twitter above or email in article. Thank you

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