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  • we dont have an suhaib webb, yasir qadhi, kamal el mekki or an hamza yusuf in europe , as for germany we dont have it ! you want a proof ? There are much more books about FIQH;TAFSEER;SCHOLARS and their WORKS in the english language avaiable than in the german,spanish or in the french , because english is a international language-

    so if you dont have the books , and not so many well mannered Imams – what do you expect to come out of us ? We have a hard time in europe but it’s going to become very easy

    ps. as for the muslims living in the UK they have a different situation as for those who do not understand the english language. However , the world has become small and globalised so the Muslims in America and in Europe are similair to the lungs of the Body

    brother Kaminari

  • Masha Allah,

    The brother is most appreciated for his effort in trying to awaken this ummah from its slumber. Sobhan Allah its true you cannot give what you don’t posses…and if we don’t have iman in our hearts how can we share it with this world?

  • @ Sabirah

    first I suggest to introduce the articles and lectures we know from ppl like suhaib webb, tariq ramadan and hamza yusuf and many more, there will be a lot of ppl in germany who will not accept this but there will be also some people who are in need of that –

    a) lectures and articles –

    articles are “maybe” more important than lectures !

    because the articles can help you to become a person of ” I q r a ” like Shaykh Ahmed Deedat said , “we muslims have become a Ummah of “La Iqra” (No reading) – the ability to read has to be imporved

    b) Having an organised documentation of what topics you went through

    example : We have ppl amongst the so called “ummah” like me, who have no organised documentation about what kind of articles and lectures they have gone through , the result of that is, you are not able to call up what you have learned in the past , so the future is based on crumbed knowledge –

    Maybe the most of us are learning about Islam on their own – through websites, lectures , pdf books – That means you are your own teacher – and here is a big gap – the way we are learning is a very very huge problem , before we learn on our own, we have to know what kind of topics have priority – do we have to learn arabic before we learn about Ibn Sina and
    Al-Ghazali ? Which effect will have arabic for my future ?

    Priorities ! Having experience in being my own teacher is GOLD – If you are the teacher of a group, you will think about what to teach them first and how to teach them ! But we tend to forget that sometimes when we are dealing with ourselves

    so my conclusion for the Muslims in Germany is :
    Making more articles to read available, and also more Lectures – this is not only a social, but also a mental problem we can eliminate –

    To show them how to learn on ur own and how to teach urself – this is a psychological difficulty we face , this is not death but something you can eliminate

    the result will be that we transform the crumbed knowledge into an organised knowledge on which you can build on – this means the more knowledge you have – the better you can see in the darkness, and some of us are in need of eyeglasses , so let your knowledge go through an filter, the filter is going to be a high-educated Imaam with an IJAZZA . So promote to read and promote to organise the way we learn

    this is not going to change the galaxy we live in , and only a few of people are going to do that – that is why suggestions have to be easy and practical

    Bal ‘Aktharuhum Lā Ya`lamūna

    ur brah Kaminari

  • Dr. Ramadan gave realistic and beneficial advises to Muslims in the West. We must all wake up and live in reality. I love that the fact that we, muslims, must refuse the victim mentality. We must stand up for respect and contribute to society. We must know our identity. We are Americans by nationality and Muslims by religion. Barakallahu Fik to Dr. Ramadan.

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