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Go on Tour with the NFL’s Abdullah Bros this Ramadan!

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This website will be featuring updates from Hamza and Husain Abdullah’s Masjid Tour during Ramadan. Check out the first post below!

Assalamu `alaykum,

This is Husain Abdullah and I’ll be joining for the Month of Ramadan. I’ve been blessed with this privilege mainly because I’m a professional athlete but I’d like to think it’s because I’m a decent human being. I went to Washington State University and graduated in 2008 with a Sociology degree, then moved on to play football in the NFL from 2008-2011 with the Minnesota Vikings.

2012 is a new year, and as Coach Brad Childress used to say, “Every year stands on its own merit.” That’s why in 2012 I am no longer a member of the Vikings; I still love them though. My brother (Hamza Abdullah, who’s played 7 years in the NFL) and I decided Hajj was more important than beating up on people for a season. Let’s say, “We’ve got a bigger dream to pursue.” Inshallah we plan to make Hajj, then beat up on people. With the setup of the football schedule, there was no way to do both, so Allah wins (when doesn’t He?)

Hajj is in October, months away; Ramadan is now. Every year we’re fasting and playing football. Although it’s rewarding in its own way, it keeps us away from meeting our brothers and sisters in Islam, reading Qur’an in the morning after Fajr at the Masjid, attending all the good lectures and making Taraweeh in the Masjid. Not this year. Not only do we get to indulge in all the activities available to us, we’re going to do it while travelling across the country in a Mini-Van!

Two NFL players, riding around in a mini van, for 30 days? Makes sense to me. We plan on touring the nation, checking out the state of the Ummah firsthand and meeting family (you) as we go. We have the cities that we’re stopping at (some Masjids) and more available on our website. Meeting people, talking to the youth, trying to increase and purify ourselves, that’s what we’re about. In fact, Ramadan kicked off pretty good.

Making Taraweeh Thursday night at Dar Al-Taqwa in Fontana was an emotional experience. Sometimes you may not understand the words but you can understand the feeling. Jum`ah is the best day of the week, and the first day of fasting. Please excuse me as I mean no disrespect, but fasting was a breeze. Understand my position – I’m used to waking up at 7AM, having a full padded practice from 8-10:30AM, lifting at 11AM, meetings from 1-3PM, practice #2 from 4-6:30PM, and finally meetings from 7-9PM, all while fasting. After doing that for the past 9 years, it makes sitting around and fasting simple.

Friday Night we had the privilege of speaking to the community in Anaheim, California at the Islamic Institute of Orange County. Nice Masjid, nice people. I spoke a little about guarding your inner circle, citing a personal experience where my father advised me to stop hanging around a particular person and I watched as our lives took two complete different paths. Hamza spoke about taking care of our sisters in Islam and protecting them in all facets of life: from making sure they have something to break fast with before the men, to standing up for them when you see a Hijabi outside the home.

Then we had Q&A, always the best part of the talks. Smiling is Sunnah, and everyone was following it that night. JazakAllah Khayr to IIOC for having us.

As we kick this “Abdullah Bros Ramadan Tour” off I’d like for everyone to get involved. Hamza is blogging on our website, we have a joint twitter account @AbdullahBros, find us on Instagram as “AbdullahBros” and finally check out our Facebook page! I’ll keep you updated with us and please keep me updated with you. Be a part of this tour and please help me make this a Ramadan to remember.

JazakAllah Khayr, asaalamu `alaykum,

– Husain Abdullah

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  • These guys are amazing, Masha’Allah. To make it in the NFL is one of the most difficult achievements in sports. Not only did they play, they somehow were able to fast during the regular season. To put their careers on hold without the guarantee of returning, in order to perform Hajj, really exemplifies their ultimate reliance on Allah. As a fan of sports in general and a huge fan of NFL football, these brothers have given me inspiration, hope, and a newfound appreciation for the sacrifices made by Muslims around the world.

  • Salam alaykun to every mulims and Ramadan mubarak.

    Interesting! To be ambitious about one’s career (for the bliss of this world) and as well having taqwa in Allah ( for the questing bliss of hereafter)which has bn desplayed by these brothers is awesome and an ecxellent gift from Allah, pls, do keep it up , May Allah keep guiding you in all your affairs.


  • This is great! I hope u r both enjoying this life experience, You both look very happy in ur pics. That makes anyone smile.

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