Muslim Youth Helpline U.K.

Resource Links from the Muslim Youth Helpline U.K. (
Britain’s first guidance and support channel for Muslim youth

Nafas Drugs Project (
Faith-based Rehabilitation Service for Substance Abusers

Muslimisches Seelsorge Telefon
Faith based support service for young Muslims in Germany

Who Cares Trust
national charity working to improve public care for around 60,000 children and young people who are separated from their families and living in residential or foster care

Supporting Inner city youth

Alone in London
Support Service for Homeless youth

Albanian youth Action (
Support service for Albanian youth

Black Self Development Project
Working in partnership to reduce re offending

The Muslim Students Society (
Providing recreational activities for Muslim Students and Youth

Federation of Student Islamic societies (
Caters for the needs of Muslim students in further and higher education across the UK and Ireland

Islamic Society of Britain (
Provide a vehicle for committed British Muslims to combine their knowledge, skills and efforts for the benefit of one another and British society as a whole, through the promotion of Islam and Islamic values.

Fatawaa (
The Islamic Shari’a Council

The equal opportunity commission (
The Equal Opportunities Commission works for a society that guarantees equality for women and men. The website provides advice for individuals and advice workers about their rights regarding equal pay and sex discrimination in employment, education and consumer affairs.

Arabic Studio (

Arabic Studio aims to provide a complete online syllabus for anyone who wants to learn Arabic.This course has been designed to teach the complete beginner how to read and write the Arabic script. It assumes no prior knowledge of Arabic.

Forced (

The one-stop website that provides you with practical information and sources of advice and help on forced marriage.

Islamic Hotline ( )

Islamic Hotline is a Pay-per-Call service ready to take callers’ queries at any time of the day. Providing authoritative answers by scholars of Cairo’s renowned Al-Azhar University, the Islamic Hotline presents a moderate and tolerant picture of Islam. Originally available only in Arabic, our easy-to-use service is now open to callers in English, and Urdu.

Muslim Youth Skills

Muslim Youth Skills aims to equip individuals and organisations who work with young people and community groups to be competent and confident about their work. This is achieved by providing consultancy and a range of training, workshops and seminars for individuals and organisations. Courses are suitable for people at all levels and range from hourly, full and half-day courses and In-house sessions. Tailored courses are also provided upon request.

Redbridge Muslim Mentoring Project(

The aim of Redbridge Muslim Mentoring Project is to recruit young people who are at risk of offending or anti-social behaviour and match them volunteer mentor. The mentoring relationship will provide young people with an adult role model who can empower and support them to achieve they agreed goals.

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  • Assalamu-Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    I hope you are doing well. I want to inform you that Naseeha-Muslim Youth Helpline, 1866-Naseeha, has launched as of 1st January 2008. This is the first service of its kind in Canada.

    Brief Overview:

    1) It is geared towards helping Elementary, High School and University students.

    2) All calls are confidential and toll free. Callers remain anonymous: Naseeha’s number does not appear on the phone bill and calls are not traced.

    3) All counsellors are Muslim male and females of various ethnicities, between 18-25 years of age.

    4) Counsellors are trained to listen supportively, employ problem solving techniques, and collaborate with the callers to solve their problems.

    5) Counsellors receive continuous training by local Imams, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, social workers and other prominent helplines.

    6) Youth are encouraged to call regarding any issues they may have, including: peer pressure, parent-youth conflict, relationships, academic problems, careers, proms, suicidal thoughts, pornography, confusions about Islam, issues facing revert Muslim, Islam in schools etc.

    7) Currently the service is available from Monday – Friday 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST. Inshallah in the near future the timings and the geographical area will be expanded.

    P.S. Please forward the above message to others via email to raise awareness.

    Starting January 1st, 2008, Naseeha opens up lines to callers Monday to Friday.
    6pm – 9pm EST
    3pm – 6pm PST

    If you’d like to help us by making a monthly pledge, please contact us at to know how.

  • Asalamu Alaykum,

    This channel is much needed to be spread and well established…one fear of the youth is that they turn to the wrong means of help..where it will lead them further into their problems

    Most helplines are available late and inshAllah hope it increases to 24hrs.

    We can all be active and participate and be the helplines in our community and show good examples to the younger ones and help them see Islam as their refuge, not something to fear…rather than turning to their deviant groups.

    Make Mosques their refuge… make them something they can run to when they feel they have no one else to turn to…by making it an ejoyable place to worship, as this can be done by the elders who it is dominant of!

    Making it enjoyable can be done by a smile, asking kids of their welfare, not dispising them and making them laugh…so that they attach a good image of Islam as they get older…not one what they fear.

    I pray Allah gives us the taufeeq..ameen


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