Thank You to Our Previous Staff Members

Welcome to the new!

As we transition to our new website, we wanted to take this moment to thank all of those who previously worked with the site and helped in its evolution. May Allah bless them and accept all of their future endeavors.

Administrator & Webmaster
Zubair Khan

Aysha Khanom
Sumayah Hassan
Mustafa Umar
Yusuf Rios (Abul-Hussein)

Anam Siddiq
Naqib Shifa
Reem Rahman
Yasmin Nouh
Zoya Ahmad also held it’s first internship this year. Our interns demonstrated diligence, commitment and excellence. We thank them for their valuable contribution to this website.

Amir Magid
Furqaan Sadiq
Jasmin Alim
Jauzey Imam
Hanaa Hamad
Mehreen Ahmed
Mehwish Shakeel
Mohamed Gadalla
Naada Azeem
Nimota Nasiru
Rami Koujah
Rebecka Binion
Saba Hashmat
Sana Ghani
Shafi Lodhi
Tahura Lodhi
Uzair Hasan
Wajeeha Shakeel
Yousuf Tafhim

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