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2010 Year in Review:

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The new year provides another great reminder to take the time to reflect on the past – for it has been a year of many changes! We saw the hosting of a virtual town hall, chose a new logo designed by you, the readers, and launched a completely re-designed website.

The following is a very brief sampling of some of the most insightful and inspiring articles from 2010. They are articles that resonated strongly with our readers, bringing knowledge and Islamic scholarship to bear on the most relevant topics experienced by Western Muslims today.  The articles have been selected from categories such as relationships, society, personal development, Islamic studies, and history. A list of “not-to-miss!” posts from translations, multimedia, and current events are also included.

There were many, many articles of significant impact that are not on the list for brevity’s sake. Which articles really struck a chord with you? Tell us what your favorites were!


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself – A compelling reminder on the importance of not judging others, humbling ourselves [in our hearts] and renewing our sincerity in all things.

Let’s Talk About Dating – Confronting the paralysis of the Muslim community when approaching the issue of dating due to fear of western values that accept pre-marital sex.

Am I Marrying the Right Person? –  A much needed reminder that while many factors are used to determine compatibility, your feelings should be kept in mind as a very important factor.

How You Say It Matters! – The powerful effect of XYZ statements on your relationships, practical advice on ensuring healthy communication in any relationship, written by a qualified professional.

Hook Up with Allah, Allah will Hook You Up – An empowering article that responds to the pressures of changing oneself for the wrong reasons, particularly changing for the worse due to pressures to marry.


Why All Americans Should Want a Mosque in their Neighborhood – Refuting the mosque has unjustifiably become a symbol of fear and worry in American communities.

Battling Temptation – Whether your struggle is at the initial stages of guarding your gaze and thoughts, or at the level of looking at porn, masturbation, or actual adultery (may Allah protect us all), some suggestions and tips to help in battling the temptation.

A Woman’s Reflection on Leading Prayer – Refuting the idea that a woman leading prayer brings women closer to achieving liberation.

Angry Hijabi – A short but powerful, stereotype-defying poem challenging misguided views on women in Islam.

Taking Off the Hijab – Sincere, detailed, and practical advice for a sister who is struggling with wearing the hijab.


Attachments: Emptying the Vessel – illumination on the greatest struggle of earthly life: the struggle to free one’s heart from all false attachments, to empty the vessel of the heart.

What would Mariam do? – A series on Mariam’s character (peace be upon her) and how to live with the best of virtue and honor.


The Language of the Khutbah – A detailed explanation on the majority opinion that the khutbah may be a mixture of both Arabic and the local language.

Is a Woman’s Prayer at Home Better? – Answered by Shaykh Muhammad al-Hassan al-Dado | Translated and Abridged by

How to Taste the Sweetness of Prayer – An award-winning series on salah (prayer), filled with practical advice on how to reach the state of serenity, tranquility, and humility during prayer.


The Prophet’s ﷺ Sadness An explanation of how to understand narrations describing a time when the Prophet ﷺ became so sad that he intended to throw himself from the tops of high mountains, but was compelled to stop every time.

How the Muslims Killed Dracula – A research-based understanding of Dracula like no Hollywood story has ever told before! Centering on the triumph of Radu the Handsome over the man who became known as Dracula.




Click here for a longer list of notable articles from each of the categories listed above!

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