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The following is a list of 30 articles that were found to resonate most strongly with our readers this past year. There were many articles of significant impact that are not on the list for brevity’s sake. What article sticks out in your memory from the past year? Leave a comment to let us know!

Love & Relationships

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howtoLoveLearning how to Love the Right Way by Omar Ead (Guest Author)
Advice rooted in understanding how love outside The Source (God) becomes a force of hawa (desire), a means of destruction, degradation, communal strife, jealousy, deception, immorality, and hate.

InterculturalMarriagesIntercultural Marriages: A Qur’anic Reflection by Eyad Alnaslah (Guest Author)
There is no valid reason that cross-cultural marriages are discouraged or even forbidden in some of our Muslim households. It can represent an arrogant and ignorant outlook, one condemned by Islam.

YouThoughtYouWereReadyAnd You thought you were Ready?? by Wadud Hassan (Guest Author)
Taking baby steps to becoming a master parent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .

NotWatchingPornHow to Reverse the Way Pornography Changes The Brain by Mohamed Ghilan (Guest Author)
Although consuming porn targets the same system in the brain that cocaine addiction does – because the substance is different – the same brain that went through a rewiring due to viewing pornography can also be rewired again.

Overcoming Tribulation

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trayvonThe Danger of Hubris and the Murder of Trayvon Martin by Suhaib Webb
Imam Suhaib Webb wears a hoodie to deliver a Friday Sermon in reflective solidary of the tragic murder of young Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.

LostWhen Things Are Lost by Hena Din (Guest Author)
Sometimes we cling to things because we think that they are the source of our happiness and when we feel like those things and those people are leaving us, we cling harder, we fight harder…how can we cope?

hamzaHamza and the Lion of Allah by Aber Kawas (Guest Author) Bashar may be named Al Assad (the lion), but the young boy his Syrian regime brutally murdered is named after the Lion of God, Hamza ibn Abd Al Muttalib! May our martyr Hamza one day meet his counterpart, ‘The Chief of the Martyrs,’ in heaven.

GrantMeFriendOh God, Grant me a Friend by Reehab Ramadan Often times we try to ride the waves of life alone, or we depend too much on our friends. But just like everything else in this religion, the middle ground is the smoothest for sailing. A look at the qualities that Prophet Musa recommended for a close companion.

AlMujeebAl-Mujeeb: The One who Responds (Names of Allah Series) by Jinan Yousef
Remember to ask for what you desire based on who God is, and not based on who you are. Don’t ever stop asking – for one of three things will always happen with each du’a’…


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ArticlePhoto8 Things you should know about converts by Alex Arrick (Guest Author)
Research by Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus notes that 75% of American converts leave the religion after a few years. 8 things to know to better support the journey of converts.

TheoriesOnLifeMy Theories on Life by Omaer Khan (Guest Author)
I came from a secular family. My mother was a Hindu, and my father a Muslim. They fell in love, got married and gave birth to me, a Muslim….Or was I? A personal account on one youth’s journey to Islam.

leavingIslamWhy are they leaving Islam? by Matthew Longacre (Guest Author)
Whether it is in the masjid, on the street, or online, these incidents are too numerous to count. If you haven’t heard these stories, then you haven’t been listening. Where have we failed?

Women and the Ummah

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BeautifulWomenBeautiful Muslim Women History (Reconstructing Beauty Series) by Amatullah
Inspiring women from recent history to help us break free of the idea that beauty exclusively applies to what’s physical.

HijabProtectWomenHijab is Not to Protect Men, but to Honor Women by Abdul Sattar Ahmed
Disparaging comments on how any woman chooses to dress strike at the insecurities, religious aspirations, and self-esteem of our sisters in a way Islam never ever meant.

ProactiveWomenProactive Women and the Prophet by Maryam Amir-Ebrahimi
The women in the incredible prophetic examples highlighted here were empowered to take action because the Prophet taught us how to achieve natural, healthy, balanced and beneficial community relationships.

HijabFardFictionHijab: Fard (Obligation) or Fiction by Lobna Mulla
The age-old question of whether hijab is fard (mandatory) or not answered from a fresh, well-reasoned perspective.

In the Footsteps of the Righteous

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PropheticNarrationsProphetic Narrations You’ve Probably Never Heard of by Amatullah
A list of less known teachings from the Prophet, including: “The believer is friendly and likable and there is no good in the one who is not friendly nor likeable, and the best of them are the most beneficial to the people.” (Sahih al-Jami)


How Can I Enjoy Listening to the Qur`an in Taraweeh When I Don’t Understand What is Being Recited? (The Qu’ran Series) by Maryam Amir-Ebrahimi
Why taking the time to learn Arabic as a language, studying the grammar, syntax and rhetoric are very important, but not absolutely necessary for a meaningful relationship with understanding the messages of the Qur’an.

memorizingHow to review what you’ve memorized of the Quran (The Qur’an Series) by Maryam Amir-Ebrahimi Tips on how to know the entire Quran like one knows the opening chapter, Al-Fatiha – and the struggle one sister took to apply the tips. It all started with the adage: “The one who reads the five [juz] does not forget.”

New Beginning

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RamadanA Fresh Page, a Defining Moment: Ramadan This Year by Shazia Ahmad Your sins are great, and mistakes and weaknesses are many, you may say – but His mercy, compassion and loving grace to His servants are far greater and far more vast. When Ramadan is here: make it your defining moment.

OverlookedStruggleThe Overlooked Struggle by Shazia Ahmad
Many fall into bad deeds despite years of sincere adherence to the faith: why? Examining the challenge of remaining upright and constant in faith and good deeds (having istiqama) throughout one’s life.

BeHappyBe Happy by Reehab Ramadan
Rather than focusing on the dreary side of things, pick out smile-worthy things that are right before your eyes. And be happy, genuinely happy. It’s Sunnah!

Hot Topics

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help“Help! My Wife is Not Interested in Sex” and other Q&A by VMCounselors
Trained counselors and social workers respond to a variety of questions on topics such as Loneliness, Dirty Talk, Parenting Adolescents, Sunni-Shia Marriage, and more.

arabismArabism vs. Universal Islam by John (Yahya) Ederer
If we were to say that Arabic is the language of Islam then we would be saying the great Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus were not true Muslims since they didn’t speak or know Arabic! The role of Arabic in Islam explored…

inglotIs Breathable Nail Polish Sufficient for Wudu? by Mustafa Umar
A detailed response to one of the most common questions asked by Muslim sisters, urging the importance of researching both the scientific and fiqhi (Islamic law) angles before coming to a conclusion.

hajjA Few Things Every Prospective Hajji Should Know by Hajja Saira (Guest Author)
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work on making your Hajj accepted by God. Tips on how to prep mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually….and on what to bring!

The Path to Success

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ThreeIbleesAvoiding The Three Doors of Iblis by Suhaib Webb
Are we really soldiers of God if we can stand all night in front of Best Buy to get a PS2 but we can’t stand up in the night and pray in front of God? How to avoid traps of Shaytan (Satan) such as materialism.

10Tips10 Tips to Becoming One of Allah’s Special People by Maryam Amir-Ebrahimi
We all seek for our hearts to be in a state of contentment, tranquility and ease – tips on how to reach that state through one’s approach to the Qur’an.

GiftDuaaThe Slave of Allah Must Perform Salah (Prayer)
Why is it that as I leave the room to go pray, I find myself feeling guilty, or awkward, for telling my Muslim friends that I am performing salah (prayer) while they choose to sit idly? This taboo of praying is something that needs to be rectified.

AgeingParentsYou and Your Aging Parents: A Reflection by Amatullah
Don’t wait until you see your parents carried out of the masjid in a box to realize how much better they deserved from you.

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