Call for Submissions: Black History Month

February has been designated Black History month in the United States. In this country, the Muslim community has had a tremendous history of African-American leaders and those enslaved, thinkers and entertainers, scholars and activists. This new year brings with it opportunities for growth and renewal, as well as mounting challenges of Islamophobia and bigotry. As the Spanish philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” As we look towards a new future, we also must reflect on the unique history of Muslims in the Americas, and utilize it to forge our communal identity and vision.

We invite our readers to submit articles on the topic of Black America and Islam, in honor of Black History month.

Potential Topics:
Topics are not limited to those mentioned below. Please contact us with your ideas.

  • Famous African-American Muslim figures
  • The History of Islam in North America
  • Hip-hop and Islam
  • Overcoming Racism – the Prophetic Legacy
  • Stories of Enslaved Muslims
  • New African-Americans: Immigrants from Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, etc.
  • Urban Da`wah
  • The Prison Experience
  • The Struggle for Civil Rights

Articles should be well-written and researched beforehand. Authors with personal experience or expertise in the field are preferred. reserves the right to approve articles before publishing.

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    • For African American Muslims, it would be interesting to post articles on Wali Akram, Muhammad Ezaldeen, and Sufi Abdul-Hameed. These were brother from the 20’s,30’s, and 40’s you don’t here much about!

  • Inshallah with these article submissions there will be a great movement toward the understanding of Muslims in the west. Jazakallahu khairun for this amazing opportunity 🙂

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