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Dream Sequence

By Zaheen Uddin


Eyes shut, body still, mind calm, lights kill.

Deceleration of breath whilst proliferation of death

Rolling down the subconscious iceberg until

Gears and cogs and clock hands turn and I forget—

Stage one. You have arrived at the alpha.

Here what you hear is distorted in your ears

Mind is still well and alive but the site of an alfalfa

Is blind to the visible eye while it is near

Stage two. You have arrived at the theta.

Strange as it seems the fine line between reality and dreams

Are two in one, blended by the mind that runs data

Of past recollections into images in sections as it teems.

Stage three. You have arrived at the delta.

Processes have slowed, memories are stowed away to the subconscious bay

Whilst you enter a land stranded with sand without any shelter

And night is incumbent to veil the reasons of day.

Stage four. You have arrived at the gamma.

This is the part where everything changes.

Suddenly life emerges like a lightning striking the Panama

Canal of your ear and what you hope and fear ranges

Unlimitedly across the lands of imagination

Unknown and grown and stowed away in a strange place

Where whatever happens may precognize like inebriation

Or fantasize to realize what in wakefulness you vainly chase

Across the sky you fly in the sea you breathe

At the speed of sound on the ground and the world around

Fame and fortune and frolic, of fear your freed

Faeries and sprights and aeriform delights surround

Remnant memory in the form of reverie

Entering as thoughts manifest into reality’s reflection

Everyday nuances risen into the realm of the heavenly

Fettering like dots best described by science as brightened brain sections

Speaking of heavenly, let’s speak about that

Seeing that we’ve reached that fact as a matter of fact

And from twenty-seven to seventy thousand good deeds rack

Written with the pen of time on the fabric of fate in ink that is black

Of cosmic connectivity with such spiritual lucidity

From the black hole of the mind out of the soul synaptic ravine

Bridging the gap between the heavenly and the known reality

Despite what the heart desires to which it inclines

Here, a plane beyond this Earth is visualized

Fear is just a construct of illusiveness

Tears are irrelevant in a place you’ll never face ill-speech or lies

Peer into the telescope of the ethereal condusiveness

That which is divine is given as signs from above

Beyond wordly love higher than the flight of a dove

Somewhere near, somewhere close, somewhere you’ll never get enough

Because you’ll be fulfilled with ambrosian stuff

A home of messengers, martyrs, men alike

Who believed, perceived, and conceived the truth like the eye of the night

Never giving up hope or abandoning the fight

In dreams of an eternity that more than suffices their plight

Until you reach the high plane

Where the veil is lifted

Nothing is conceivable to the physical brain

And light upon light, upon you is gifted!!

Pleased with you, and you pleased with Him

This is the ultimate attainment!

Cups and chalices of silver filled to the brim

Of all your desires there is no containment!!!

Ethereal, surreal, this is a dream yet for real

You wish to reach such heights, you think and you feel

And the One you wish to impress knows what you conceal

So you do not digress, and before Him you kneel

Forty years you see what you once believed

In awe, in fear, in enlightenment, in exaltation

Compact into seconds, you have perceived

The recitation of an invocation for nations is now realization

Elated, pupils dilated and deeds are weighted

And if a feather is heavier it is stated

That you will reside and abide in a bode verily hated

By all like, so then why did you abate it?

Flames that purge, flames that scourge

A spark as large as a sallow fortress

Blame is dispersed, the blame is all yours

Why did you not stop when you had time to forfeit?

Screams, despair, dreams are now nightmares

Demons don’t care how painful it is there

Water is not shared, scalding it tears

Through the insides, so I declare, why aren’t you scared!?!?

In between there and a place you wish to go

You teeter between fear and hope of Him

What you deem fair is faced with the throes

Of reality’s truth and not to your judgment or whims

Memories of old, premonitions of new

Fantasies so bold, renditions of the true

Wishes so fantastic, goals you slew

Dreams bombastic, extolled by you

Pulse of the universe beats to the rhythm of nature

Convulse in synchronicity, slowing in tempo

Until the BPM of heart reverts to start place or

The mind sublimes to the rhyme it’s scribed in decrescendo

Shift down, shut down, lift up, hear sound

Gears slow, mind softens, time is rewound

Stage four, stage three, stage two, stage one rebound

Timelessness is bound yet again with the now you found

Rising up from an unconscious sea of still

Acceleration of breath clock hand turn and I forget

As cogs and gears calm the mind, the mind’s lights kill

Eyes open, body fills with life renascent from the iteration of death.

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