Du`a' (Supplication) Poetry & Fiction

The Capable One

https://stocksnap.io/photo/46YHORS7IOBy Dua Aldasouqi

Have you ever
had your heart broken,
chest opened
reached in
pulled out
until you bleed?

Have you ever
cried for a lost one?
Mother, brother, daughter, son,
tummy in a knot
and all you want to do is run?

Have you ever
struggled with the news?
Murder, massacre,
guns and demolition crews.
It’s like a game,
which tragedy do you choose?
Which tyrant
do you root for to lose?
Can you just turn off
or at least snooze?
Because you just.can’t.even.

So you, turn to a friend:
mentor, teacher, or anyone else
Because you feel absolutely hopeless

You ask them: What should I do?
And they say, make du’a’1 , you know pray
So you’re like, yeah yeah
But, no, what should I do or say?
You brush it off your shoulder cuff
Like du’a’ just, isn’t enough

You move on, not
recognizing what you’ve done
That you’ve left behind
The truly capable One

You forget – that Yahya2
was the answer
to his father’s
constant prayer

You forget – that Yunes3
chose prayer
Over despair
inside the whale

You forget – that Ayoub’s4
was removed
through du`a’

You forget – that Badr
was nothing short of
from the heavens

You forget—that power
lies with Him alone
That strength comes
through His will

That He is the
Sustainer, the Maintainer,
the Provider, the Protector,
the Just, the Judge

You forget – that He is
the only capable One

  1. supplication []
  2. `alayhi as-salaam—peace be upon him []
  3. `alayhi as-salaam []
  4. `alayhi as-salaam []

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