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A Mufti's Moderate Way

by Imām al-Shāti̩bī | Translated by Suhaib Webb

From the Qualities of a Muftī:


The skillied muftī carries the people on a balanced acceptable way; he does not push them towards severity or excess. The proof for this is that the objective of Islam, in its relationship with people, is moderation, neither radicalism nor being lax. These two qualities take one from the path of moderation and are frowned upon by the scholars.

This was articulated by the Prophet (sa) and his noble companions (ra). The Prophet (sa) forbade celibacy and he said to Mu’ādh (ra) when Muadh overburdened the people with unusually long prayers, “Are you a nuisance oh Mu’ādh?” [Related by al-Bukhārī in his Sahīh] and he [sa] said, “You should engage in actions which are within your ability.” [Agreed upon]

– Tadhīb al-Muwafaqāt, pg. 359

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