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Allah is with the Patient

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“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (Qur’an, 2:153)

In this stage of seeking tranquility of the heart, we will be building upon the verse the above. When we talked about things we need to know – such as thinking well of Allah and trying to understand tests, as well as things to do – such as connecting to Allah through our salah, making du`a’ – some comments that were received were along the lines of “I’ve already done that. But it doesn’t seem to be working.” No doubt, knowing we will face tests and trying to understand the reason behind them is crucial, because it enables us not to feel hopeless. However, difficulties sometimes make it hard for us to continue with the practice of doing things that get us close to Allah. So we must seek help not only in prayer, but in aspiring to be of the patient.

Patience – an Aspiration?

The Prophet ﷺ said that patience is a light (Muslim). The characteristic of light is that it shows us the way and allows us to see clearly. How does patience do this? Patience is linked with hope and trust in Allah. When something bad happens, we can force ourselves to be patient by reminding ourselves that with hardship comes ease and that after a period of hardship Allah gives relief. We can only be truly patient when we realize that everything is from Allah, and that is how everything is illuminated. It is the opposite of darkness and impatience. Impatience is darkness because it frustrates us, we can behave rashly and we do not see the wisdom in the delay. The Prophet ﷺ said “And whoever remains patient, Allah will make him patient. Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.” (Bukhari)

Patience is an aspiration because it is not just something that we do, but rather something that we need to build in ourselves and adapt to different situations. Its importance is highlighted in the fact that it has been mentioned in the Qur’an over ninety times. We all know that nothing in the Qur’an is without purpose, so reflect on the fact that Allah is reminding us of this characteristic numerous times. Ali (ra) said, “Patience’s position to faith is similar to the position of the head to the body. If the head is cut off, the body dies.” Then he raised his voice saying, “There is no faith, for a person who doesn’t have patience.”

It won’t come easily, because we are humans and get tired. This shouldn’t be a cause for despair, because as Sr. Yasmin reminds us, with hardship comes ease. At the same time, being of the patient is what we aspire to, because when we do reach that level, Allah is with us. What does Allah being with us mean? Imam ash-Shawkani talks about this and he says Allah can be with us in a general sense (as He is with all human beings) and in a specific sense, which entails a higher level of care and love for those whom He is with. So when we read “Allah is with the patient,” know that when you embody the characteristic of patience, Allah is taking care of you in ways that you cannot even imagine, and that He is with you every step of the way.

Why should I aspire to be of the patient? It’s just too hard!

Allah says in the Qur’an: “Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.” (Qur’an, 39:10)

Subhan’Allah, at-Tabari states that you will be given your reward without having to go through the meezan (scale) that other people will. Imagine! Another interpretation is that the reward you will be given is one without measure – only Allah knows the greatness of the reward for those who are patient.

Allah (swt) also says, “And Allah loves the steadfast.” (Qur’an, 3:146) Remember how we said Allah treats those He loves? Because He is al-Wadud, Allah’s Love is not silent; it will be manifested. Not only will Allah love you, but He will show you that love.

Moreover, the Prophet ﷺ said, “There is no Muslim who is stricken with a calamity and says what Allah has enjoined – ‘Verily to Allah we belong and unto Him is our return. O Allah, reward me for my affliction and compensate me with something better’ – but Allah will compensate him with something better.” (Muslim) Recall the story of Um Salamah, who was so grief-stricken when her husband was killed. The Prophet ﷺ taught her these words and she said “Who could be better than Abu Salamah?” So Allah gave her the Prophet ﷺ.
Does patience mean I just have to wait around?

Sometimes we think being patient means doing nothing. Someone tells us “be patient!” and we say “give me something practical to do!” but if patience was not practical, Allah would not have told this to all of the Prophets (as) in the Qur’an. We just need to understand what patience really is.

Firstly, we need to know that there are different kinds of patience:

Patience with Doing Good

This means perseverance. The Prophet ﷺ told us “Know that with patience comes victory” (Tirmidhi). Does this mean victory comes by sitting and waiting for it? Of course not. The sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ shows us that this is not the case, because he strived to do good, and as he persevered (i.e. he was not impatient in the sense that he expected the result to be immediate) Allah gave him victory. Patiently persevering in doing good takes many forms: it can be anything that is praiseworthy in the religion – whether it is acts of worship, our relationships with people, etc. It is sometimes tempting to return like with like. If someone is rude to us, let’s try to be like Allah’s Name As-Saboor (The Patient). Despite all the wrong that we commit, He is patient with us and does not punish us immediately. If we appreciate this patience from Allah, should we not try to have the same kind of patience with people?

Allah (swt) wants us to strive for this kind of patience. For example, with the issue of qiyam al-layl (the night prayer), the Prophet ﷺ has told us, “Whoever goes to his bed intending to get up and pray at night, then his eyes overwhelm him and (he sleeps) until morning, the (reward of) that which he intended will be written for him, and his sleep is a charity for him given by his Lord.” (An-nasai, Ibn Majah) Why did the Prophet ﷺ tell us this? So that we never give up; we are patient with our weaknesses and continue to strive. This is what patience is.

Patience with Stopping Ourselves from Doing Bad

One of the types of people who is given shade on the Day of Judgment is the person who is tempted into fornication but resists and says “I fear Allah!” (Bukhari) It is much easier to fall into sin. But one who constantly prevents himself from doing bad, can be of the people who is beneath the shade of Allah. This requires patience and conviction; despite the hardship, we are doing something that is beloved to Allah. Nowadays we are taught to strive to achieve what we want no matter what. Although having ambition and drive is  good, it should not be by compromising our ethics. We may have to face setbacks now and then, but when we remember that our aim is for the akhira and not simply the dunya, patience is easier to inculcate.

Patience when Something Bad Happens

The Prophet ﷺ taught us that “patience is at the first stroke of a calamity.” (Bukhari) It is not easy to bear bad news and not lose it or break down. It is even harder to prevent ourselves from questioning something that is so, in our eyes, blatantly bad. Why? But as we said before, there is a reason for tests. This is why we are taught in the Qur’an to say “To Allah we belong and to Him we return” so that when are afflicted, we remember that nothing is outside the realm of Allah’s knowledge, power and mercy. He knows this is happening, and there is a higher purpose to it.


Examples of Those Who are Patient

The Prophet ﷺ is the best example. Despite being exiled from his home, losing his loved ones, being abused and suffering near starvation, he never wavered in his character. He was patient in doing good, patient in refraining from evil even when he was tempted with wealth and women, and he was patient when afflicted with calamity. All of his children died in his lifetime except Fatima (ra). He lost his wife and two of his uncles whom he loved dearly. Those who followed him were tortured. Yet he persisted in praying in the night, was described as always smiling and never hesitated to help people. His patience was in perseverance and never questioning the will of Allah.

Look at Prophet Ayyoub (as), who was not only patient with his affliction but he was content! He lost all fourteen of his children, his wealth and the companionship of the people because of his disease. Yet when he was asked to supplicate for Allah to heal him, he said “Allah gave me 50 years of blessings, should I not be patient with the same number of years of hardship?” He never complained of his illness. Of course, we should always ask Allah to help us (and Ayyoub (as) finally did) but what we should take from this is he wasn’t angry with Allah and never questioned His will.

Finally, ‘Urwah ibn al-Zubair (ra), one of the companions, had to have his leg amputated. While he was being visited by a friend, he said, “If you came to give me condolence for the loss of my leg, I already submitted to Allah with patience to reward me for its loss.” But the guest told him, “I came to inform you that your son fell down in a stable, and the animal stepped over him, and he passed away.” What would be the response of ‘Urwa of that moment? He said: “O Allah! You took one child, and left me many…You took one organ from my body, and left me many organs…O Allah! You tested me with my body, and you were kind to leave me with good health.  You tested me with the loss of my son, but you were kind in leaving me the rest of my children.” Subhan’Allah. May we all be of the patient!

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Jinan Yousef

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  • jazaki Allah khair for this wonderful article.. i feel like you were speaking to me personally..This year has been such an eventful year for me and just when i thought things couldn’t get worst yesterday i stumbled on another hurdle which left me into pieces. i hit rock bottom. However reading this article has been a good reminder not to lose hope in Allah’s mercy even though i might be surrounded by all these problems if i continue to be patience it gives me comfort to know Allah will be with me.

    • i know how you feel, friend. May Allah (swt) make our hearts light and content from knowing him. May He grant us the ability to be patient and steadfast in our worship to Him, and may He make the trials of this life easy on us, and a means of cleansing us of our bad deeds. May He allow us to remember that indeed, with hardship comes ease.

  • Masha’Allah, the article is impressive. I have really recalled the words of Allah while reading it: “Help one another in piety.” It is so nice to share these reflections together since we are all bound to be tested by Allah.

    May Allah reward you good sister Jinan and bless this “virtual mosque” as brother and imam Suhaib calls it. Ameen.

  • Recently, as a results of patience I have experienced peace and tranquelity. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • beautiful, inspiring article…made me understand d value of having patience, “verily nothing happens but by d decree of Allah & Allah iz wit those that r patient”

    • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

      Say “Salalahualayhiwasalam” after his name brother, is is much bettor for you I promise.

      Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

  • MashAllah great article! Just one question, has the Quran verse that you quoted (39:10) been translated accurately? Because I’ve read the Pickthall and Yusuf Ali translations of the verse and they each say ‘reward without stint’ and ‘reward without measure’ respectively rather than ‘reward without account’ as quoted in the article. I’m not criticising anything in the article, I’m just curious. JZK

  • Jazak Allah khair, i am in a situation where i have absolutely no idea as to what would happen tomorrow but after reading this article and rather Hadith, i feel like what i am going through is nothing compared to what our Prophets have gone through…May Allah make all of our obstacle disappear and May he make everything comfort in our lives…

    Thanks for your efforts

    Asif Ahamed

  • Thank you so much for the article. Subhana’Allah! May we all Insha’Allah strive to be bpatient in the futur. ameen 🙂

  • Mashallah this is just what i needed, I just graduated and have been frustrated trying to find a job even though I was praying, i still got impatient, so inshallah i will start being patient Allah has blessed me many other ways so I should look at my blessings and not get frustrated. May Allah bless us all with patience ameen!

  • Asalam Alaikum. Thanks for the reminder.
    I’ve been in distress for 11 months and I’m beginning to break down uncontrollably. I have no friends, no emotional support from my family, no job, no occupation, and everytime I try to help myself and branch out I face barriers. There is no clarity in my life whatsoever and I have no idea where it’s taking me. My iman is up & down and of course every soul absorbs at it’s own pace. So while this trial has indeed made me more tolerant, patient, given me more wisdom and insight, it has also drained me physically and emotionally and even my iman is extremely low. My chest is so heavy and I have trouble breathing, I’m constantly in a state of exhaustion… And this adds more torment to me mentally.. It’s harder when I have absolutely no one to talk to or no one who even cares to understand. I’m so sad and overwhelmed I’m having very bad thoughts about my life I pray that Allah saves us all from such misery. Please please whoever reads this… Please pray that I soon face relief and happiness, that I get to pursue my ambition, that more opportunities come to me and I finally feel human again.

    JazakAllah khair

    • W alaikm isalam w rahmat Allah

      Sister, where are you located? You must see a trained counselor. The Prophet (p) told us to seek cures for our afflictions, and unfortunately we have yet to see the Muslim community taking things like depression seriously.

      This also may be of benefit:

      I pray that Allah descends tranquility upon your heart.

    • Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatu Allah wa baraktuH my sister,

      Insha Allah ta’ala you will become a stronger person for what you are facing. Allahu a’lam my sister you could be paying for your sins or it maybe be a test.

      Repeating ” astaghfirullaahil lathii laa ilaaha ilaa huwa al hayyul Qayyum wa atoobo ilayh” ( I seek forgivness from the One there is no God besides, the Living Self Subsisting and I turn (in tawbah) to Him” 10 times, with heart, washes away all sins even if they were as numerous as the foam of the sea.

      Force youself to have a good opinion of Him SWT as you know you ought to, He SWT is extremely Loving, Generous and Just and He SWT will make that opinion a reality insha Allah.

      May Allah SWT Show you His SWT Care. Amin

      wassalaamu alaykum warahmatullaahi wa barakatuH
      ps Fantastic series, thank you very much. May Allah SWT make us benefit from it completely. Amin Barak Allah

  • Asalamu alaykum firstly I thank Allah who guided me to this article after having realized I was suffering because I ran out of my dose of sabr. May Allah reward the author of this article for in your writing I was blessed with another dose of sabr. To sister MUNIRA, your post is the main reason I chose to reply. I to have been in distress n living through a make or break trial for 11months now. The eventful year that I have had is shocking and I have yet to findba story similar to mine. During my journey I have witnessed the Mercy of Allah whilst I did nothing worthy of earning it. His blessings in ways if I were to explain will appear as a miracle. When the world pushes u to ur knees you are in the best position to pray. When your heart becomes heavy cry and ask for sakina. The feeling as that heavyness disappears and in its place a soft cold wind travels to your heart, is so amazing that it means more to me then words can describe. I am your sister in Islam, and believe me when I say Allah has a plan, when my trial reached me in knowledge my reaction was walahi!? And when inthe next breath it was confirmed, I felt thie calmness as I hanged up the phone. Staring out of my window I made dua and said Oh Allah I choose patience. Words so simple but full of such power I remember this when shaytan attacks me. And he has been attacking me with no mercy so much so one night as I prayed, the waswaas came, I stopped my duas and turned in a direction where I assumed this fool to be standing this fool being shaytan, and I began to refute him as I spoke I was crying and the more powerful my words became in truth to shaytan the more the sound of my crying turnt into laughter. I was literally laughing at him and mocking him with the fact that Allah loves me more than him. I felt empowerment and the waswaas stopped, then I felt honer as I realized Allah witnessed how I won that battle however unique my style. During my trial I did a lot of searching for ilm, the subjects that interested me were not why we were tested, but rather how do I no if my test is because of my sins or to elevate me in rank, I wanted to learn about patience, perseverance, contentment, tawakal, reliance, hope and ease. I began to have many dreams and other inshallah righteous Muslims having dreams about my Hal, I saw in a dream my shaheed husband walking beside me in what I was made to understand in my dream as siratul mustaqeem, as I walked on a long road looking for shaytans traps my husband appeared by my side and said keep walking, he kept repeatingthis as he wanted my pace to get faster. Alhamdulilaah there are times where I felt shaken to the point where my heart reached my throat. I believed no how could it get worse than this, surely the rope will snap any second, but subhanallah I crossed the hurdle and acknowledged wow Allah is showing me the extent of my strength, I have been tested in ways where s akina was only granted when I did what Allah wanted in that moment, despite feeling pain by doing so. I ;remember tossing and turning trying to ignore the guidance to get up and do wat Allah wanted, and den da pain subsiding as soon as I do! each time I was made to grow stronger and then as result I began to love the feeling I had of being connected and submitting to Allah. I am in a stage of bettering my ibadah as sadness can paralyze one into inactivity. The greatest thing to witness whilst being tried, is Allahs mercy. u see on top of my trial I became a widow infact I gave birth, my husbandwas killed the very next day and then my trial came two days later. So when not occupied wit my trial I am occupied with my husbands memory, he was my first love, my soulmate and bestfriend. I am not someone who goes out to much unless for necessity most of the time. Every time u feel overwhelmed trust Allah will send u a sign to make u stronger. As my idda approached its end I was devastated then Allah sent my husband in a dream to my friend, she had the dream not me. In it my husband told her ‘tell her that I love her and I am waiting, tell her there is no one but me ‘ subhanallah this is how Allah gave me strength about my idda ending. Look at the hikma if I had the dream people would have thought it was a nafsi dream, furthermore the meaning would have been lost because him telling me he loved me would mean he hates me. Time went on and my trials continued, to further illustrate Allahs mercy In July a close friend was getting married, and her walima threw me of da edge. There were to many similarities to my own so I became numb with grief remembering how special my wedding night was. I tried to mentally tune myself up to going to this wedding but instead I was lying on ny sofa with memories and to emotionaly finished to get up. So my fone began to beep I ignored it but it continued I thought whos this persistent? So I looked and realized it was my teacher from madrassa strange she doesnt alwaye call or text so I rang her and she greeted me asked about my Hal then informed me of a dream she had about me the night before. She said she saw a man and woman dressed in green, with the man wearing a crown with w jewel in the center, and the woman in a veil, she said there was a house with many floors and on its roof there was a green light which beamed very high into sky and its distance could not be measured. As she got closer she recognized the man as my husband. And the woman as me! My husband left and enterd the house. And I turned to her revealing beauty that made her ask me what is happening, I replied its my nikah today! So she asks umm_____ how is it that you reached this level in Jannah with your husband. To which I replied. I never had comfort since he left me, and I was of those who did not marry again. I crossed over mualim and I was not touched with punishment glory be to Allah. ( I then give her advice to be steadfast) and leave to go in the house and the dream ended with her asking Allah to give her what I have. I got goosebumps when I heard this. This at that moment was not a coincidence. No by Allah it was his mercy once again picking me up. My sadness went out the window. And I began to get ready for the wedding with such joy. I went and had a greattime. Allah is the most wise and best of planners. My teacher had that dream the day before the wedding, because Allah knew I would not be coping. And intended for the news to reach me when I needed it the most. Remember Allah has a plan and he is the best of planners. My trial isnt over but Allah has been with me. Remember pain subsides and day follows night. Talk to Allah you will find this to be true. Sorry about the ewwayb

    • Subhan Allah! My sister you are indeed very blessed. Thank you so much my sister for sharing that with us.

      baraka Allahu feeki always…subhan Allah!


    • Incredible, Sister Just an Hour…Alhamdhulillah…and its no coincidence that you posted your story here, to give hope to all of us struggling…Jazaki Allahu Khayran and may Allah give you and us the strength to face the trials of this life and give you even better than the dreams and all of us something similar…

  • E Asalamu alaykum…….Ewwayb? Sorry I meant essay I apologise for my atrocious writing. I am using my phone. Ukhti Amatullah ( u forgot mashallah)thank you for reading, my post was rushed and really had no structure. My main point was to illustrate the mercy of Allah and that his statement is true that he is indeed with the sabireen, if u lose your way and impatience creeps in Allah is so merciful that its like he is saying “its ok dont worry, just try again, you are not alone I am see. And I am planning for u, just try again ” this is the feelings I get because I know Allah is al haleem, the most kind he is the best of those who show mercy. I make so many mistakes yet the barakah in my life is so evident.. My companions who witness it are at times dumbfounded with awe. Had I not been afraid of Ayn I would say more, I trust Allah to protect me from what I said in my last dream, as I intended for the believers who are being tried to find comfort and hope. Everyone believe in your heart’s in Allahs plan for u. Be content with his will and understand there are to many details that you can not cater to, so if u had power to rewrite your affairs, know that whilst u protect yourself from one angle you create harm u dont precieve in other areas. So be pleased with Allah as your lord and search and ask for his signs and guidance. In understanding this will the soul understand the first step n meaning to being content with Allahs will. This is a process which may take time to ;realise but Allah loves those who sit and reflect,be not afraid my brothers and sisters to show Allah your inner deep feelings, he already knows them, face him with your flaws be sincere n let him help u because he wants to. Allah says in Maida ayah 6 “I do not want to put you in difficulty, I want to purify you and place my favor upon you, so that you be thankful” some times tthat just might be it, that might just be the very purpose behind your trial. Allah wants to favour you. And in order to complete his favour that he chose for you. Out of his mercy, then u need this trial to purify, elevate your rank. And learn and be inspired in ways that changes for the better so that you fit into the glove Allah has intended for you, when in a trial I believe patience is only sustained through the outlook.. Think of your self as glass Allah has broken, and than moulded into an even better glass cup which he then put into a hot oven, and after that process cooled down then as a last result painted absolutely beautiful. What ever our Hal Allahs plan is khayr and we will always be pleased with the end result if we remain patient. Impatience is created anxiety, expell anxiety with tawakal, support tawakal with faith. I wish I could say more but am just nit picking fromjust a little of what I learnt, I wish I could explain how I learned what I have written, but I dont have the time right now. every single thing I say I was taught by Allah through my trial, and the best lessons in life are the ones we pick up on a journey full of trials and tribulation. Without Allahs mercy non of us will make it to the finish line. Let me finish with this, as a naseeha to all those who read my words, remember righteousNess is good morality, it is that which feels at ease in the heart, and wrongdoing wavers, this is not my words but rather the hadith of Rasoululaah s /w u can find it in imam nawawis 40 hadiths, numbers 27. and 28. Use this as a guide to set yourself straight when dealing with your fellow Muslims. Do not become careless and remember to honor the feelings of others, Allah is kind and loves kindness, show mercy to the believers during times of adversity. Who ever removes a difficulty a grief from a Muslim Allah will remove it from you. Lastly divorce this dunya in your heart and remember the everlasting home that awaits us if we succeed. Dear Muslims facing trials and tribulations that have shook your hearts do not fear and know that Allahs help is near. Walahi he sees u and he is planning for you. Be patient one more day for tomorrow is the relief. Think this way and u will inshallah succeed. Salam alaykum again excuse my writing, I cant correct itaas am using my phone. Please make dua for me Allah knows me so your duas will benefit me. make dua that Allah guides me to his pleasure and is pleasedwithme. and that I am able to persevere just that little bit more. As I hope my affliction will almost end and my oppressor will be subdued inshallah. The qadr is for Allah . Alone glory be to him the most high who confirms and blots out what he wills . If this distress has seized u then Allah is the best of those who show mercy.

  • I forgot to add when you are going through trials, do not ignore your dreams, for in them are signs. In Riyadul saleeheen there is a sahih hadith whereby the prophet s/a/w said “towards the ends of time, the effects of prophethood will begin to disappear, so Allah will support the believers through dreams, and the truthfulness of the dream depends upon the truthfulness of the one who saw it. ” I paraphrased this but it is 99% accurate. I knew this maskine sister, righteous in what appeared to me, quiet believer so soft and merciful. I liked her a lot but didnt have much in common with her as I assumed because our natures were different. My husband liked that I took her as a close companion. As she was known to him as his friends wife. But life went on. My husband became shaheed after I gave birthto our son. The timing was ajeeb. then two days later my trial began. I was devastated and alone not coping well as shaytan came at me full ammo. This sister I mentioned had a dream she saw my husband who greeted her and then told her the news of my son, he boasted about our sons name and told her how he chose it, then the smile left him in the dream and he told her that I had a difficult birth/labour and that I am going through difficult times now he told her to go to me. I was at my mother’s house sitting in my room when I heard the sister came. I said salam and said “ukhti its been a long time (2yrs)” and she hugged me and told me abt the dream, she said she was worried so came asap as originally she would have waited for a more convenient time to travel. The ajeeb thing is my husband’s shahada over rided our sons birth so no one knew the babies name as my husband left the world 24hrs after the birth. Yet the sister knew the name through the dream. I began to cry as I realized even after his gone he wanted this sister in my life. I began to talk to her and she became a huge pillar of support. Am so grateful for her friendship many ppl became jealous and suprisingly asked but why did he go to her out of alll your friends. ( she had two more dreams abt him regarding me) but I knew deep down why, she was the most pure and kind hearted out of everyone else, and Allah knows best. The sheikh said the reason why is because the believers know one another. Allah chose this woman to see the dreams and she became my closest friend. May Allah grant her firdaws and glory be to Allah who wants us to succeed.

  • salam walakum,i hd 1 thing happnd 2 me in the last 2 yrs n I stayed patient n allah(swt) has helped me through. I continue stayin patient n I kno 4 defo allah will help me through no matter wat. I believ havin a calamity is actually allah blessin me. I hp allah givs me mor problems so that I cn b closer 2 allah(swt)

  • Salam aleikum, y’all.
    How do you be patient when Allah makes you a trial for others? When He won’t let you provide for your family, and frustrates everything for you do to fulfill your obligations to others, how do you be patient then?

    • W alaikm isalam w rahmat Allah

      Patience is in persevering. Imagine what the Prophet (pbuh) must have felt like under embargo from the people in Makkah. It was not only he that suffered, but his wife, uncle, relatives and supporters. The Muslims would get so hungry that they would tie rocks to their stomachs. And Bilal would try to sneak some food in to the Prophet (pbuh), even having to hide the food under his armpits. But we wouldn’t say that the Prophet (pbuh) was a trial for his people. He was a mercy, even though in the thick of it, one might think ‘why is this happening?’. We all go through periods of tribulation. The way we deal with it and our outlook will depend on how we get through it.

      Allah is ar-Razzaq. It is believing in this, while working as hard as we can for the rizq (provision), and knowing that after hardship there is ease, that defines patience.

      Patience is not always easy. But that is why the Prophet (pbuh) says “Whoever makes himself patient, Allah will give him patience”, meaning the person who is constantly working at being patient. It’s a process, not an event.

      Don’t think of yourself as a trial for others. Allah tests us all, and He tests those closest to Him the most. We are only tested as much as we can bear.

      I pray that Allah makes for you an opening and that He provides for your from where you could not imagine.


  • thank you so much.. may Allah reward u in dunya nad hereafter. I’m relief now. i know it happen because its bad for me or it not yet the right time. and i will wait until Allah give it to me..

  • ssalamualaikum……..alhumdulillah i am happy tat i bless to be a muslim and ummati of hozoor s.a.w ,who is the best example of being so patience throught out his pious life………ya allah give me strength and patience so tat i will find my self amoung great sabreen….aameen

  • Asalamuailaikum,

    this article is really good 🙂 … im trying my best to keep myself from depression .. it’s hard .. i find peace in reading Quran.. It helps alot bur during working hours .. i feel down.. i am working on my Patience (Sabr) …. I’ve faith & believe in Allah …Allah is the best Planner ..

  • Allah says in the Qur’an: “Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.” (Qur’an, 39:10),,,, I found this above, but I want to correct the translation in English, in my view the proper translation: “Indeed, those who stay patient will be given the countless reward” …”countless reward” FOR REPLACING “reward without account….” Forgive me when I am wrong…because as a human being I am not perfect too…

  • reading this article gives me strenght within….All Brothers and sisters are requested tp pray for me so that the sufferenings get thwarted by the blessing of ALLah

  • (Subhanallah:Maha Suci Allah) Daku terpegun pada setiap baris dan pada setiap bait-bait kalam penyampaian Mu. Al Fatehah, (Amin Ya Rabb).
    Salam penuh kasih dan sayang kepada mu saudara ku.

  • A.A Brothers and Sisters
    Patience is very difficult, but if Allah gives you that virtue, hence, you are on the road to success.
    If I tell you my test from an early age then you will not complain but be more patient.
    Imagine, despite all those trials, I still manage to help mankind, but people pay me with bad.
    This is a real test. We should remember that those that you do good for and they turn to do you bad or pay you with ungrateful, will never be better than you, thus, if you are patient.

  • A lovely article mashaallah and indeed patience is very difficult there will be point when person becomes hopeless and starts thinking why so much happened to me but believe me if u just trust Allah you will see how beautiful your life becomes Allah is so loving it cannot think of our mother ever hurting us how can we think such or expect from Allah he’s loving kind and Merciful and he’s the best friend of a human. Being patient is not easy and I think patience itself is a blessing from Allah. I had such times when I used to think why such bad things happened to me even though I’ve never harmed or even intended to harm any1 then why I’m put into such trials but now when I look back all I can say is Alhamdulillah and those bad times were temporary to save me from further harm in future and no doubt Allah knows about future and about others intentions and it is He who saves us and protects us so I just want to tell every1 that don’t get hurt by temporary difficulties even though it’s very very hard to accept this fact and move on putting trust in Allah but from experience believe me Allah is loving and most loving and He will never decide bad for us. I’m very thankful to Allah for guiding me and keeping me patient and not letting me down and He will always and always help me and give me much much better than I could have even imagined for myself and this is my faith and my belief. We don’t suffer calamities because we are bad but because Allah loves us and may He help us All always but just be little patient and believe in His love and kindness and surely He will reward us with so many things we couldn’t even imagine and not just in this life but the life hereafter. Insha aallah . Ameen

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