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Fajr: A Short Film

By Adeeb Masood, Areeb Masood, and Yousuf Kidwai

As college students, we are well aware of all the worldly aspects in life that can detract us from our faith. Every day we face a struggle with materialism and spirituality, and many times, the former wins out. With constant distractions facing us in our everyday life, we need a perpetual reminder of our religion in order to stay in tune with life’s priorities. When making the short film Fajr, we wanted to remind people about how much of a difference making the right decision between materialism and spirituality can make. We wanted to show the world that religion is not a distraction, but an investment into one’s life.

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  • the video mayb great but the background tune is made by musical instruments… as in islam music is haram… i dnt think itz good to spread good things through haram means…. i hop in future the videos will b in halal means… 🙂

    jazakallahu khairan 😀

    • This was an amazing short film, Mash’Allah. It wasn’t just Islamicly amazing, but even from the POV of film, it rocked. I loved the background instrumentals and it went well with the narration. I think this did an excellent job in addressing the issue of not loosing hope, when everything around you seems to be falling apart. It also did a good job in addressing the fact that Muslim families in America are not immune to complicated domestic problems, abuse, and suicide. Lastly, Loved the ending. Great work!

    • Where did you hear music is haram? Music is not haram. There were no bad words in any of the songs used, so I don’t see any issue with them being used in this short film.

    • this was not spread through ‘haram’ means. be careful of making everything haram within your perspective, Allah made Islam easy.

  • Salam ale kum. Enjoyed the video – refreshing.
    Dear brother Nimz, my understanding (and I may be mistaken) is that music is allowed as long as the subject accompanying it is halal. The music itself is not considered harmful as long as the words that accompany it are not prohibited. In that light, I don’t think the above video is ‘haram’ as you say it is.

  • Masha’Allah.! I cried through the whole thing and it made me really think. And have hope. Jazak Allah khayr.

  • SubhanAllah. I have gone through the same pain, and it is true that their is hope and there is real doubt. For me, it wasn’t anyone but myself that caused the doubt to grow within my heart to a point where I thought the whole world was against me. Alhamdulilah, I have really have been everything by Allah, but yet I still felt that emptyness. And it was only when I went back to Allah and understood him as Ar-Rahman, then, only then, was the difficulties that I was creating for myself finally seemed what they really were, a fasade, a fake way of trying to gain from this world what we can only get from Allah, and through Allah. Back to Allah, that’s where we will find everything 🙂

    This was only my experience, and I’m not advocating that everyone creates their own problems, but for me, that’s exactly what I was doing.

  • This was really nice. If this is non-fictional, then I am so happy for you or the person that this is about…Fajr does have something “magical” about it <3

  • MashAllah, this video so beautifully put and it definitely made me cry because it shows that a lot of people can relate (like me) but can still have a strong comeback to Islam, knowing that Allah (SWT) is always there.

  • this is really sad, we have to copy the western style to convey an Islamic message, music is a must and the whole setting is of a western documentary/short film!!! cant we be original?

    for those who keep saying music is not haraam and can be used for a good purpose, all i can say is fear Allah and dont say things that you might regret saying, this opens the door for so much fitna…and we all know it..

  • MashAllah this was truly amazing. I can relate a lot to this video. When I was facing a very difficult time in my life the one step I took towards Allah was what gave me hope and strength to carry on. Now I look back at that time and realize the lessons I learned and how close I came to deen because of that hardship and I cannot thank Allah (swt) for it, it was truly a blessing in disguise. May Allah bless all those that contributed in this video to spread such a beautiful message (Ameen).

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