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In the Shade of Ramadan 2013: Videos [UPDATED] will be posting the In the Shade of Ramadan series again this Ramadan. Check out the videos below!

What is In the Shade of Ramadan?

“In the Shade of Ramadan” is an annual online video series produced by MAS Youth during the month of Ramadan every year. It is a series of educational and motivational reflections on the month of Ramadan featuring various speakers across the country. This year’s season will feature 15 episodes (an episode every other day) covering some of the 40 Hadith Compiled by Imam Nawawi. If you would like to read more commentary of each hadith, please visit

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#15 | The Vastness of Allah’s Forgiveness

#14 | Be in This World as a Traveler

#13 | Attaining Nearness to Allah and His Mercy

#12 | The Grace of Allah and His Mercy

#11 | Brotherhood in Islam

#10 | Forbidding Evil with the Hands, Speech, and Heart

#9 | No Harming nor Reciprocating of Harm

#8 | Modesty is From Faith

#7 | Be Mindful of Allah and Allah Will Protect You

#6 | Following a Bad Deed with a Good Deed

#5 | The Forbiddance of Anger

#4 | Love for Your Brother What You Love for Yourself

#3 | Being Cautious of the Doubtful

#2 | Purification of the Heart

#1 | Actions Are By Intentions

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