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Muslema Purmul

Muslema Purmul

Shaykha Muslema Purmul was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and raised in San Diego, California. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in the Study of Religion and a Bachelor’s in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of California at San Diego. She was a scholarship student with the Islamic American University and participated in the International Union of Muslim Scholars “Future Scholars Program” in 2008/2009. She has completed the Bachelor’s degree program in the College of Shari`ah at al-Azhar University in Cairo. Currently, she is a busy new mom and gives weekly classes at the Islamic Center of Irvine.

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  • i liked the exemplary patience of a bereaved father Allah (swt) is questioning about to the angel of death, that really touched my heart, surely one has to be a father to understand what ‘the apple of an eye is’ and what amount of inner strength and patience it takes to cope with the thoughts of parting with it. many a times we fail to empathy with families of dead soldiers who have died in Iraq, a sense of retribution withholding us from feeling the void of a parent, i believe only in retrospect we can be a little more humane, a little more equal to those for whom we often have little patience.

    (apart from a spelling mistake the slides were well crafted with the script.)

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