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Muslema Purmul

Muslema Purmul

Shaykha Muslema Purmul was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and raised in San Diego, California. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in the Study of Religion and a Bachelor’s in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of California at San Diego. She was a scholarship student with the Islamic American University and participated in the International Union of Muslim Scholars “Future Scholars Program” in 2008/2009. She has completed the Bachelor’s degree program in the College of Shari`ah at al-Azhar University in Cairo. Currently, she is a busy new mom and gives weekly classes at the Islamic Center of Irvine.

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  • SubhanAllaah..

    Thank you, very, very much for this video..
    This is very deep.

    May Allaah repay Ustadha, and the whole webstaff for this..

  • This was absolutely beautiful. I am definitely in need of some healing during these days. Thank you so much Sr. Muslema and the whole team for this video and the forthcoming parts of the series. Jazak’Allahu Khairan and Ameen to Br. Fairuzaimi’s closing statement.

  • One of the best things I have watched an Excellent Ramadhan message. Its has inspired me to do the right thing and forgive a friend that has hurt me. JazakAllahu kairen.

  • as salaamu alaykum,

    that was awesome sr. Muslema! May Allah bless you and increase you in your knowledge and your ability to articulate it to others and reach people’s hearts and intellects.

    Love you for the sake of Allah swt! Please remember me in your duaas.

    wasalaamu alaykum,

  • salam, jazakallahulkhair for your knowledge sharing. i like to suggest to you, please write also the name of the surah n the number, so i could also check in the Quran in Malay version, tq so much.

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