Misconceptions Reflections With the Divine

Allahu Akbar

by Ahmed Zaafran


When you hear the expression Allahu Akbar (God is Greater), what do you think? What do you see and what do you feel? If you were to believe the magic box sitting in your living room, then you might think of bearded men with turbans screaming. You might imagine atrocious “honor killings” in remote villages and feel frightened. How could such a beautiful expression of gratitude be transformed into one associated with fear and unease?

The truth is that Allahu Akbar is supposed to be the epitome of gratitude manifested into words. It is an expression of comfort; a release from the daily harm we commit unto our own selves.  Muslims and non-Muslims alike have used this expression as a slogan for their own agendas. Ultimately though, a re-connection with the true meaning of this expression will enlighten us all to it’s beauty. Remove whatever stereotypes you might have for a moment and try to rediscover what Allahu Akbar means.

Allahu Akbar

…is when you look into the diamond-encrusted night sky and realize that you exist in such a vast and balanced universe.

…is when you reflect upon your outer and inner self and experience the epiphany that, through His expansive worlds and creations, He specifically thought of you.

…is to look into the eyes of your children and see the reflection of your spouse’s love within them.

…is to know that you can leave your affairs to Him and never be let down.

…is to stand in prayer throughout the night while the masses sleep and to know that He is listening and accepting your tears of repentance.

…is to be a source of strength and inspiration to your brother or sister, knowing that it pleases Him the most.

….is to be grateful for each heartbeat, each breath and each blink that occurs without any personal effort.

…is to feed the needy, to protect the orphan, and to visit the sick.

…is to know that His mercy extends to all creation.

…is to know that any calamity that falls upon you is another opportunity to get things right this time around.

…is to know that He created all humans from the same source and that to treat each other with respect and dignity is incumbent upon us all.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

What does it mean to you?

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  • Allahu Akbar, to me, means “God is Greater,” such that any concept of God we have in our minds, Allah is truly much greater than that. We are amazed by Allah’s power and mercy, yet we cannot encompass His power or mercy in our minds at all. And no matter how much we praise Him and glorify Him, He is deserving of so much more praise and glorification. Allah is simply greater than anything or any words used to describe him.

    And Allah knows best. Allahu Akbar.

  • being able to understand why we say “Allahu Akbar”

    We say Allahu Akbar for all the things Allah (SWT) has given us from our limbs to our hands to the ability of touch. To be able to type this and feel the buttons on the key board. Can you imagine that everything we touch travels from our fingertips back to our brain in lesss than a fraction of a second.

  • Allahu Akbar makes me feel that God is looking after me, hears my cry out to Him when I don’t move my lips. When it’s adhan time, I calm down, take a deep breath and take it all in. Allahu Akbar is when I see something beautiful, it reminds me that He is The Most Beautiful, The Most Generous, The Most Merciful… Allah…

    jazakom Allah kheir for a wonderful reminder in the morning 🙂

  • Allahu Akbar reminds me of Allah’s bounty and the waste sea off forgiveness irrespective of how blind his servant can get. Allahu Akbur reminds me of Allah’s invitation to enter the world of guidance and peace.
    Jazakumullah Khair for this reminder.

  • Allahu Akbar is to remember the Providence of the one who feeds some with sunlight, some with plants, some with fish, some with meat, each according to its needs, so that every being on the planet receives enough nourishment for the day.

  • A Salaam wa alaikum akhis and ukhtis

    Brother Shuhaib JazakAllah khair for all your efforts. It truly is a blessing to be able to go online and be so inspired by brothers and sisters who are further along in the journey of Iman and who have more knowledge. So may Allah bless you and your family in htis life and the next. May Allah reward you and your family in Jannah au Firdous. May Allah make all the good that this website brings and all the reflection thet you (with permission of Allah swt) inspire be an expiation of your sins. I know have a better understanding of AllahuAkbar. AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar. Alhamdulilahir Rabbil Alameen. A Salaam wa a laikum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhu

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