Children Reflections

Making Rain

by Shahraiz Tabassam

As I walked out onto the porch, I found Rizma strolling in the front lawn, surveying the plants that surrounded her. She looked on, and I could tell that she had already been doing this for some time now and, by the looks of it, was clearly bored.

It was the start of her summer vacation and having little else to do, my thirteen year-old sister had decided to come down to the lawn and spend some time by herself.

The mid-summer heat was intense and the fact that it hadn’t rained for some time didn’t exactly improve much—or so I thought.

Spotting the running hose that lay in the grass, I thought to myself, “That’s it!—We’ll make rain!”

Stealthily picking up the pipe, I screamed at her, “Run for it!”

It didn’t take long for her to realize what was going on. She ran for the door as fast as she could, but before she could actually make it there, I had already soaked her.

As her clothes dripped cold water, she looked at me with vengeful eyes. But then, smiling back, I could see the shy little contour that had formed on her lips, too.

I walked over to her and handed her the pipe, submitting myself to an enemy who was far too cute for incompliance. And in the water fight that followed, the two of us laughed, played and ‘danced in the rain’ as if all the worries of our little heat-struck world had just melted away.

Dripping and cold from head to toe, we had defeated the heat, enjoyed each other’s company and connected in a way that we hadn’t in a long, long time.

The world thought we had wasted an hour. But to the little girl who smiled at me as she wrapped a towel around her wet clothes, it just might have been the best day of summer. The few moments I had taken out from my ‘precious’ time had gone into the treasure chest all kids deserve to have full—their childhood.

Your children will only build upon the foundations you establish today and what you leave empty will be left for the world to build. Therefore, leave no stone unturned in your pursuit to give them the best tarbiyyah (nurturing, education) that you can. This includes providing them with the innocent recreation they yearn for and spending time with them in fun ways that inspires them to look up to the people they call their family. Incorporate a little da`wah (calling to Islam) into everything.

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  • As Salaam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

    MashaAllah sounds like a really fun afternoon.

    More often than not we occupy ourselves with things we’ve deemed important but in reality are nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    Particularly as parents, we work hard to put food on the table but can’t spare a few minutes of undivided attention with our children before they go to sleep.

    InshaAllah, I’m going to make it a point to add a little happiness to my daughter’s life this evening.

    Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story.

    • indeed do not miss yr time with the children for they are yr dependant. not only u provide food but also the islamic values you had to instill all the while as slong as they are with you. money is 1 thing but love prevails n good teaching fm parents is forever n we hv to answer to the Rabb wheyn we return to the Almighty. May Allah help us.

    • A little happiness goes a long way. Sometimes, those few moments you’ve spent with your child are so deeply etched onto their innocent little hearts that they relive them throughout their lives; when they’ve grown up and are busy with the world, these are some of the memories our children look back at. These help them reconnect to the values that their parents once lived by, the path they walked and the religion that taught them such love.

      May Allah bless you and your children. A’meen.
      As salamu alaikum.

  • MashaAllah, a great refreshing article.
    We just became empty-nestors. Last night my husband looked through old picture albums of our three children and stayed up late into the night. This morning he shared many of the pictures he placed in his smart phone. Please enjoy every moment with the children. They grow up too fast and leave the nest. We enjoyed raising them when they were kids and by Allah SWT’s immense mercy, we have a great relationship now.

  • Alahamdulilah! To have and to make good memories is what counts,for this is how we remember our loved ones by when we grow up and old. We remember the good and bright moments we where able to have. They inhabit in the heart and keep joy alive.

  • Salaam Shahraiz Bhaya! So great to see your work on this site! What a lovely little story and yes, a great lesson. Jazak’Allahu Khairan for sharing!

    Br. Anees

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