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The Four Seasons

FourSeasonsBy Maham Masood

An elder relative once said to me, “There’s joy in remembrance.” At the naive age of 10, I assumed he meant having lived a life that’s full of good memories.

Upon reflection now, I think he meant it in a different context. I think he meant the joy in doing dhikr, remembrance of Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala, exalted is He‎). Isn’t it wonderful to remember Him in all aspects of life? Because remembering Him provides us the stability our thoughts require. The barakah (blessings) our plans require. The humility His Magnificence brings in us mere mortals. We are reminded of the ayah (verse):

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest,” (Qur’an, 13:28).

The four seasons are just one of the many examples of such remembrance for me. Changes in the weather remind me how man has no control over the seasonal weather and how God has control over everything. The chilly winters remind me of the gratitude I should feel when I come home to a centrally heated house or the warm clothes I wear when I step out. It reminds me to not only reflect, but to also give back through donating my winter clothes or buying hot food for those in need.

After the hardship of winters comes relief in spring. The flowers and the colors in bloom, subhan’Allah (glory to God)! It makes me wonder what Paradise will be like which in reality is beyond anything we can imagine as said in the Qur’an:

“And [as for all such believers,] no human being can imagine what blissful delights, as yet hidden, await them [in the life to come] as a reward for all that they did,” (Qur’an, 32:17).

The spring reminds me of His beauty for He is al-Jameel (the Absolute Beautiful) and how He bestows His loves for us in all things beautiful. This is a blessing to have not only the outer sight but also the inner sight to recognise the sights that surround us. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him) said: “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty,” [Sahīh Muslim (911)].

The summer is a time for family vacations in many countries, and festive events and the sunshine generally puts everyone in happy mode. When you fast in this heat, how do you feel? There are poor people who feel like that 365 days a year. When I apply sun block, I remember the hellfire and realise no form of protection will give me shade except for my obedience, good deeds and His Mercy.

The autumn is another palette of colors. From Johannesburg to Chicago, the colors of the fall are breathtaking. They make me stop for a moment by the neat rows of autumn trees in the pretty lanes of my neighbourhood and thank Allah (swt) that I see this sight rather than torn down buildings from drone attacks and natural disasters. Autumn also provides an opportunity to reflect on the past summer and the oncoming winters. What we achieved this year, how was our Ramadan and what can we do better in the New Year given the opportunity. Life is all about continuous improvement and gratitude. Indeed Allah (swt) says: “If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor],”(Qur’an, 14:7).

May He increase us in our remembrance of Him, in gratitude, and in recognition of all the signs He sends our way for reflection.

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  • Assalaamu Alaikum,

    This is wonderful reminder jazaakallaahu khairan.

    We take things for granted and we forget to thank Allah Subhannahu wa Ta’ala.

    We ask Allah to bless us with His constant remembrance.

  • Ameen.
    JazakAllah khayr for sharing the wonderful reflection of Allah signs and blessings.
    I would add: let us (we all Muslims) follow Islamic calendar with devotion:
    1. Know the months by name, historical events of each month to feel that we truly belong to a rich Islamic history.
    2. Welcome every new month with the dua of sighting the new moon while intending the meaning thereof- feel it.
    3. Follow the delightful sight of the shapes of the moon.
    4. Set goals and deadlines in light of the hijri calender.
    For instance, I set a deadline that by first shawwal 1435 AH, I would finish the two key courses that will give me the required job skills I need, and by first Muharam 1436 AH, I would launch my first small Start-up in sha Allah and more disruptive ones will follow over the years in sha Allah.
    The new day starts once darkness falls not after midnight and if it is friday for example, we start sending salawaat on the prophet right after maghrib friday night, not ”thursday” night.
    5. Reflect on the power of Hijrah.
    “For a Muslim, Hijrah entails to always struggle for a positive change in his (or her) life. It is the hijrah message that the Muslim is the vicegerent (responsible servant) of Allah on earth.
    Whenever the Muslims lose the spirit of hijrah, automatically their Islam dies out, thus remaining Muslim by name but in spirit and action (to take the lead), they are as good as dead.
    Hijrah establishes, encourages and pioneers the pursue of knowledge (both the Deen and Dunya) and technology. The mosque in the life of a Muslim is the pivot and centre for all his important affairs.
    After careful preparation and planning with discipline and initiative (free from extremism and negligence), entrust your destiny to Allah and pin your last hope in Him. Allah will definitely come to your help and crown your efforts with success.” Suleiman A. S. Shaqsy.
    Each the salaf was Muhajir in one of these three ways-
    a) Jihad-un-Nafs- Change of heart and action for the better.
    You don’t need to leave your residence as long as you strong-willed, ready to challenge the status quo and be of service to humanity.
    b) Minor Hijrah- Movement frome place to another in the same city, town or region.
    I left Eastleigh for another place in the same city, Nairobi because of the constant bombardment of the police for steriotyping and targeting Somali’s despite their knowledge that terrorism is universal and condemn by Islam and the Muslim community.
    We are living in a world where majority police officers and the army are corrupt, oppressors and terrorists and activists findings of injustice or human rights abuse are ignored or challenged with false defence and cover ups and where dirty politics is the norm.
    I also left because I was more prone to give in to distractions, temptations and procrastinations.
    3. (Major) Hijrah- movement through space to a country more receptive to Islam.
    “I shall emigrate for the sake of my Lord, He will guide me.” Qur’an 37:99.
    A peaceful Muslim Land is the best choice to emigrate to practice Islam better, excel in life, make a difference towards the progress of the Ummah and focus more in the After-life and paradise where real blissful life is experienced.
    Benefits and Rewards:
    1. Regaining fitrah and furqan.
    2. Glory and success.
    3. Connecting with nature.

  • This is great feedback. JazakAllah khayr for your comments – please remember the ummah in your duas 🙂

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