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Send Blessings Most Serene

By Usman Siddiqui

Upon my master, Mustafa,

Lord, send your perfect peace.

Send such a peace upon him that

My hardships are released.

Raise TaHa’s praise throughout the land

And grant his rank increase,

Then help me walk upon his way,

And guard me from caprice.


Upon my master, Abdullah,

Send mercy endlessly;

This prayer I make my shade that Day –

Accept, my God, this plea!

Fill me with love for Your belov’d,

From Hell that I be free:

Lovers are with whoso they love –

May Ahmad’s face I see!


Upon my master, Muhammad,

Send blessings most serene,

And on his fragrant family,

Whom You made pure and clean;

Bless his household as You blessed

Their father, Ibrahim –

For You, my Lord God, did declare:

Peace on the folk of YaSeen!1

  1. Qur’an 37:130 []

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